Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Editing

Every photographer has different ways of editing. Although I don't edit every single photo I take, I do put in great care and effort towards many many photos for every single shoot. I normally post them on facebook as I edit them to help clients see my work (and their photos!) as it's in progress. However, I thought it might be good to show you some before and after type photos so that you can see what, exactly, it is that I do when I say "edit."

this is the original.

This next one is my edited version of the same photo. I straightened it. I like the angle of the one above, however you have to think about framing - literally. When a mom wants to hang this photo on the wall, she probably wants it to be straight. if not, it's easy for me to change that. I warmed the photo up and gave it a bit more light. Those few edits I will do almost all the photos - adjusting the lighting and cropping. Then, to a special few, I will do what I call "detail editing." This is where I get rid of the scratch on her cheek, enhance her already gorgeous eyes, and soften the skin. The result is this:

So there is a lil taste of what I do when I say "I'm editing." Because I've added "detail editing" to my work (as I did not used to do the details a year ago) I have added on a longer period of time before you get your DVD with the images back. So although the wait is is so worth it to have the perfect pictures.

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